Our Mission

HLSJ Driving Academy Ltd is committed to making our roads a safer place by educating drivers on safe driving practices. Learning responsible driving tactics from an experienced professional could be the difference between arriving home safely and becoming 1 of the 5 million Americans who will be involved in an automobile accident this year. We don't want you or your loved ones to become a statistic.

Henry Smith Jr. is a licensed instruction professional with over 10 years of experience. He has educated drivers of all ages, and his classes are thorough and informative so students are able to handle themselves responsibly on the road. You have a relatively small amount of formal driving instruction for such a potentially dangerous activity that you will do throughout your life, so make sure you get the added insight of a licensed expert.

Whether you need to take a 5-hour course to qualify for a driver's license, a point reduction course to remove points from your license or save money on your auto insurance, or just desire private driving lessons to become a safer, more defensive driver, HLSJ Driving Academy is the driving school best-suited to prepare you and your loved ones to be safe behind the wheel.